Krokolijn is the innovation developed for road workers and construction workers.

Welcome at Krokolijn!

Krokolijn is the innovation for roadworkers and construction workers for line placement. Krokolijn is a Dutch company set up by three students. Our main goal: Producing products to relieve heavy work. Together we think about your body in the long term. Our mission is to contribute to a more efficient workspace. Our new innovative product the Krokolijn, brings us a step closer to that goal. In the future we want to create a world where hard work becomes less physically demanding.

Our current product, the Krokolijn, is available in the colors red and blue. The Krokolijn will save you time on setting out a line. It will also save you energy, since you will not need to lift heavy stones anymore.

To determine the perfect position and height of the Krokolijn, we recommend to use a laser in combination with our product. The receiver of the laser needs to be placed on top of the logo. When the receiver produces a continuously beep, it confirms the correct height of the Krokolijn. Thereafter the line can be placed.

Watch our instruction video!