About us


The Krokolijn was founded in 2019 as a student company for a schoolproject. During this project we had to develop, produce and sell an innovative product. We created and designed the Krokolijn. The Krokolijn is the innovation which helps roadworkers to work more time efficient and less physical demanding. 

Since many people liked our business idea in the first place, we decided to really give it a go. We gave several pitches to different entrepreneurs and won multiple prices regarding our business idea. We are currently focusing on improving our product and thinking of other innovative products to produce in the future. 

In the future we want to develop more innovative products for this industry. So if you have an innovative idea and want to collaborate, please contact us. 

We look forward to the future. 

Joep van der Geest (CEO)

Kevin van Assem (CFO)

Job Rouwhorst (CCO)

Our partners:



To contribute to a more efficient workspace.


To create a world where hard work becomes less physically demanding.


Fun fact

The name of the Krokolijn is originated when we accidentally placed two Krokolijns on top of each other. The two prototypes together had the shape of a crocodile mouth. Lijn is the Dutch translation for line, so with this words we've created the name Krokolijn.