Return and refund

How do I return my order?
Send an e-mail to or fill in our contact form. Please mention ordernumber and additional information. You can also contact us through whatsapp +31617808727. 

What if my item is damaged or defective? 
If an item is damaged or defective, you can file a complaint through e-mail. Please contact us on  

How do I track my returned item(s)? 
When you return your items, you will get a track and trace code. With this code you can track your order. 

We refund all of the returned items exclusive shipping costs. We transfer the amount to your bankaccount within 5 working days. 

Requirements refund 
All items needs to be refunded within 14 days after invoice date. 

I have a complaint 
You can file a complaint through our contact form or just e-mail You can also contact us by phone through +31617808727.